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Anime Games – Top Ten Game Fueled Anime Games and Anime Combined

Top Ten Anime Games 

This list is about the top ten anime games. Yes, because we simply adore anime and games so why not have them combined? This must have been the sentence uttered in many studios throughout the years before creating these amazing masterpieces. These anime are exhilarating tales about people that follow or play a certain game while making friends, enemies and enjoying their adventures. I have wanted to make a list about these excellent tales for quite some time now and I have finally got the chance today.

For the list I have stuck to a couple rules: The series has to turn and twist accordingly to games between opponents, may it be solo matches or team games. They can also be real or fictitious ones, it really does not matter. It must be entertaining and have a somewhat decent storyline that most audiences can enjoy.These are not ranked in any particular order since I found them to be amazing both when I first watched them as a kid or a teenager and more now when I saw them again to feel the nostalgia rush and be able to write with more detail. Without further explanation, here are the top 10 game fueled anime.

Anime Games First option: Yu-Gi-Oh! 

Not mentioning this series in a list like this would have been a capitol sin. One of the first anime to pave the way for many card games and shows to follow, Yu-Gi-Oh! follows our titular spiky haired hero as he begins to understand his past, the game everyone is so fond of and what dark secrets society is holding. It may sound a bit dark as I am explaining it but it is an amazing adventure filled with great comedy, easy to follow story-telling and characters that you will love for years to come, except maybe Kaiba's little brother, for some reason I never took a liking to the poor kid.

Anime Games Second Option: Beyblade

I took one hard look at this anime before I started watching it to make sure it was not an utter joke. A whole series based on kids spinning tops? Was this a joke? Now, as soon as I started the first episode though I fell in love completely. The battles were way too entertaining to be true, the characters felt a bit too cliché but lovable to ignore and the story kept driving on, keeping me glued to my site. I recommend this anime for all children and for all parents that want to watch something interesting with their kids.

Anime Games  Third Option: Sword Art Online

Action packed, love triangles and an immense amount of players stuck in a virtual reality, yeah that pretty much sums up VRMMORPG sensation series Sword Art Online. This series kept my eyes glued to the screen at all times and I only wished I could experience living in the world they inhabited a million times. Needless to say anybody that asks me about the anime gets a full blown summary and detailed explanation as to why they should watch it. I recommend it for just about anyone who loves MMORPG's and interesting stories with quirky characters.

Anime Games Fourth Option: Medabots

The animation may not look stellar compared to today's standards but I could watch this time and time again. Every kid I knew back in the day when this was still airing new episodes wanted their own personal medabot. It just seemed to be so new and refreshing at the time, there was no denying just how awesome the series was. I don't think there was ever a time I heard the intro song without singing along. I also really liked the main character Ikki and his bond with Metabee. I will never stop wishing this to become an actual thing so I can have my own personal robot.

Anime Games Fith Option: C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Set in a not too distant future, this anime focuses on many aspects and trains of thought about how money can really control your future. The battles in this world, The Financial District, are intense and could literally destroy people's lives. They all fight with creatures known as assets, which are supposed to somewhat resemble what their future looks like. The plot is interesting, the game has some new qualities to deliver to the genre and it all felt exquisite and somewhat real. I recommend it for anyone looking for some fun fights and great characters.

Anime Games Sixth Option: Inazuma Eleven

Yeah this is an anime based on soccer but have you seen the special combos these guys deliver?! It is absolutely insane yet strangely satisfying and although most games play it out the same, I could not help but want to see how all the characters would end and what kind of crazy inspirational strategy they would come up with next. It was fun and a new way to see soccer represented in anime. I recommend it for anyone looking for team work and cool character back stories.

Anime Games Seventh Option: Kuroko No Basket

We spoke about soccer so let's dive into basketball now. Cool, colorful and way too intense, this series made me want to go outside and play, so long as I could get in the zone as these characters did. The animation was fluid, the games were quick and the characters were just way too entertaining to be true! Ok maybe I'm getting a tad too excited but seriously though, this anime was amazing and I recommend it for anyone wanting a cool and mysterious cast and innovative way to see basketball.

Anime Games Eighth Option: No Game No Life

Now I have to be completely honest I have not finished watching this stunning series but it has only been because I do not have enough time as of yet. The animation is filled with color and jaw dropping scenarios; the story is extensive and the characters, gosh the characters, felt so real and broken at the same time.

The main protagonists are two siblings who have never lost a game and are invited to a world where they can rank up even more and gain a higher status in a new kingdom, so to speak. They are hikikomoris but feel so fun to watch and their strategies are always complimenting each other and working in perfect unison. I recommend it for anyone wanting something that is a little predictable yet interesting to watch since the journey is so filled with great dialogue and decision making. I just hope they decide to make a second season.

Anime Games Nineth Option: Zatch Bell

Boy where would we be without this anime. This was the light of my day after Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon stopped airing where I lived. The main protagonist is relatable yet a total archetype. The story is focused on the Momoto, or demons, and their continual battle to see who is to be the king of them all. Although many found this anime to be annoying and a rip off, there were many characters that made people think and fall in love with the series, especially Folgore and his continual dancing. I recommend this series for anyone wanting some cool battles and a couple nice clichés.

Anime Games Tenth Option: Phi Brain

One of the newer additions to the list, Phi Brain is filled with amazing brain puzzles and a great storyline that anyone can get behind. I loved how the characters were just always trying new angles to solve the puzzles and how much the series excelled in making the intelligence believable. Also, the idea of these challenges being alive and having feelings was somewhat interesting, delivered by the protagonist Kaito in a creative way. I recommend this series for anyone wanting some cool characters and an engaging story.

These series may feel cliché and somewhat burned out but in reality are strong, interesting stories that I think a lot of people could potentially enjoy and even learn from. If I left out one of your favorite series it is most likely because I have not gotten around to watching it yet and for now consider these to be the best. It is very hard to enjoy seeing someone play instead of just playing yourself but these anime accomplish such a difficult task effortlessly.

Article by:Steven Gutiérrez

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