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Boku no Hero Academia – Why should it be your next anime to watch?

Why You Should Watch Boku no Hero Academia?

There will be no spoilers written in this article about Boku no Hero Academia, you can continue reading without a worry. 

Boku no Hero Academia, what are we talking about?​

Watch out! A new anime is surfacing on the horizon! Funny, action packed and beautiful animation, Boku no Hero Academia, or better known as My Hero Academia is breaking records! If you do not know about it already, imagine One Punch Man had a love child with Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple. All the quirkiness included, this anime has truly gotten the formula down.

We follow the story of young Izuku Midoriya, a normal high school kid trying his best in life. What is the problem with that? You might ask. Well, he lives in a world where almost everyone has a “quirk”, which is really a super power. These people with quirks devote themselves either to evil or to stopping it. This is where the whole hero aspect of the series kicks in. Unfortunately, young Midoriya was not included in the group with the quirks, despite desperately wanting one. Ever since he was a little kid, Midoriya has wanted to be like his favorite hero, All Might. Yet, it’s a little hard to be a hero if you don’t possess the abilities to do so. That is how this fantastic story of personal growth and perseverance begins!

​And again the Question Qhy Should you Watch Boku no Hero Academia?

So, why should you watch Boku no Hero Academia? Let us start with the obvious. The storyline is compelling and unique. I am not talking about the cliché of weak character surpasses standards but more precisely, on how he does it. Midoriya is fully aware of his circumstances and his goals. There is not a moment where this guy quivers. If anything, I think that is his strongest quality. The whole construct of the character design is very empowering. The feeling you get while watching Midoriya grow is one of awe and inspiration. This in another thing My Hero Academia does right as an anime. The way the protagonist drives himself is to help the audience connect. You feel what Midoriya is feeling; you understand his struggle as the underdog. Knowing and feeling this, you are aware of how much he can and will grow.

Characters and Aspirations​

Now, we have to be clear Midoriya is not the only inspiring and complete character. Each single person has their motives and beliefs and you can feel them constantly. There might be ambiguity but you know there are specific goals; you have an idea where each character is coming from. This is what makes the series feel so alive. You get to know and understand everyone. Despite their beliefs or aspirations, every character is complex and can stand on its own.

Another aspect My Hero Academia really excels in is ambience. As soon as you start the first episode, you dive head first into the world that is this anime. The danger, the heroes, the struggle lived by each character, the forces that are at work, all perfectly orchestrated. There is just something so powerful about the composition of the anime. The soundtrack compliments the scenery exquisitely, the moments flow into each other and there is never a dull moment.

Boku no Hero Academia color Scheme

It is also extremely interesting how they decided the color palette for each character. For example, the green hair for our protagonist symbolizes his growth from newbie to professional. Another prime example is the grey tones used for most villains. The colors are darker, more ominous, just by staring at the bad guys you could get shivers down your spine. It is not every other anime that can build presence like My Hero Academia does.

Now, despite the danger or the pain the characters suffer, you are still filled with hope. You have faith in that they good guys will win. There is a certain nostalgia to this anime. You can’t feel sad or worried while watching it. It’s as if you’re a little kid just enjoying a great fight between good and evil. Just as Midoriya idolizes All Might, we start to idolize the heroes and their ways of achieving their goals. You can’t help but cheer for them and hope they gain victory. It is truly an overwhelming feeling, one that overpowers and fills you with energy.

Fights and Emotions​

One last aspect I’d like to address is the fights in My Hero Academia. If you’ve ever seen fights in Hunter x Hunter, you know what a true fight truly entails. Planning, thoughts racing, emotions, a desire to win and prevail, these are all important components to have in a fight. Both anime stray away from the usual pretty fights we see nowadays where characters just strike each other until one falls. There is real, palpable tension. There’s a lot at stake when heroes and villains clash and you can feel the danger.

In truth, My Hero Academia is starting to feel as the precursor for the change newer anime need. There are no punches pulled back. Just as the characters wear their motives on their sleeves, the anime shows its true colors without fear. It may be a tale old as time but it renovates and distinguishes itself from the rest. I also love it keeps some of the accustomed clichés in anime but does not overuse them. There are no overflows of tsunderes or fan service, harems or overly cheesy one-liners. The humor is efficient and continuous but does not tire with the same antiques. The characters feel real and do not exaggerate their personalities to a ridiculous extent. Each moment is distinguishable and has its own place in this amazing story.

Video of ​the opening of Boku no Hero Academia, cortesy of Animelab's channel 

If you are looking for an action, comedy and inspiring anime, don’t look further friend, just strap down and watch My Hero Academia. I hope this has been insightful and has aided you in deciding if to watch it or not. Feel free to leave questions or ask for other anime you wish to know about spoiler free. Also, don’t forget to make any questions and share any opinion in the designated areas. I hope you enjoy My Hero Academia if you give it a shot! It’ll be worth your time trust me.

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