If you had to Live with One of them, who Would it be…

 Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki or Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul? Note that they both like you, much like their relationships with Yukki and Kaneki respectively.

Well the answer to this one does not really come easy. Shuu is known for being a gourmet ghoul and might eat me out of the blue whilst being melodramatic or what not while Yuno is a whole ball of crazy that I would never be able to understand. At least with Shuu I would already be in fear of him just bursting and going after me for a quick snack but with Yuno I have no idea what to expect, especially if she is into me as much as she was with Yukki. Shuu would have to be my choice.


Images Courtesy of: imagekb.com

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